Articles Wani's blood gave new impetus to Kashmir struggle

Wani’s blood gave new impetus to Kashmir struggle

Wani’s blood gave new impetus to Kashmir struggle

By Rub Nawaz Bajwa

LAHORE, Feb 2 (APP): While every Kashmiri in Indian Occupied Kashmir
specially the youth is committed to use all options for highlighting Kashmir issue young Kashmiri leader Burhan Muzaffar Wani’s martyrdom have given a new impetus to the Kashmir Movement.
It seems that every passing day after the Martyrdom of Burhan Muzzafar Wani is taking the Kashmir movement closer to its ultimate victory.
Now it is becoming a common saying among people of Kashmir that `His dead boy has done what alive Burhan Muzzafar could not do’.
It merits a mention here that Indian forces have brutally murdered 150
Kashmiries, 16888 injured and put more than 10,000 Kashmiris into prisons after the new wave of Kashmir movement started on July 8, 2016.
These prisoners include women, children, elderly citizens and youth.
The 16888 injured persons were those who visited hospitals for treatment including those 9840 who were admitted while 3794 were those who left hospital shortly after medical Aid owing to fear of arrest by the Indian forces.
There were thousands more who did not opt to go to the hospital because of the fear of forces.
According to the data from the four hospitals of Srinagar like Sher Kashmir Medical Institute Sowara, Sadar Hospital, JVC and Bone and Joint Hospital Barzla, 6658 injured Kashmiris were registered there;amongst were 1561 pelt-fire injuries and 261 that of gun shots .
In Sadar hospital only, 2676 injured were treated including 88 having gun injuries and 1008 having pellet- shot injures in eyes.

Chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) Syed Ali Gillani in a
telephonic talk with APP said that more than 600,000 Kashmiries have sacrificed their lives to get liberation from illegal, immoral and irrational occupation of Indian forces.
“There are so heart felt and tragic stories of the atrocities, horror and
inhumanity that these can not be expressed in words, a teenage girl was made blind by pellet-shots just because the innocent girl opened a window of her second floor room, now she would live life of a handicap”, he said.

“What was crime of the girl and many others who even don’t know the state of affairs around them”, he said adding he said there were several such stories.
He said that India was thea worst human rights violater in the world and it was not taking notice of protests.
He said that disgraced females and martyrdom of Kashmiri youth like Burhan Muzaffar Wani could never shake kashmiris resolve to get rid of Indians.

Syed Ali Gillani said that Kashmiries would keep on raising voice for their right till last drop of their blood.

He was all praise for the people of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir for
their support for Kashmir struggle.

He said that more vigorous efforts were needed to muster support from other countries of the world.

“We need support from Azad Kashmir and Pakistan,” he said.

” World should realize the importance of Kashmir issue as a flash point
between two nuclear powers, this can burn the world if not solved”, he said.
To a query, he said that the maximum number of events like seminars, protests demonstrations, discussions and dialogues should be arranged in various parts of the world to highlight Kashmir cause in the year 2017.

Ijaz Ayub an Economic analyst said that resolving Kashmir dispute
could have far reaching impact on economy of India, Pakistan and the whole region.

” Unstable situation in Kashmir is among the big reasons of poverty in the region”, he said.

Presenting data from traders association,tourism industry and various other institutions, he said that in Indian held Kashmir the economy witnessed loss of Rs 1100 millions of rupees per day after new wave of Kashmir struggle since July 8, 2016.
Vibrant media has empowered Kashmiri students to convey their message to people without borders.
Students of Kashmir University have made a documentary on Indian atrocities, public protest, Curfew, killings and injuries during 5 months after martyrdom of Burhan Muzaffar Wani.

Third year Students of Mass communication Department Kashmir University have prepared the documentary titled ” Re-counters” and up-loaded it on YouTube.

Only after few days of its up-loading, about one million people have visited this web-site.
The experts believe that year 2017 can be very important for the Kashmir struggle.

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