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Visiting Murree during sizzling summer – a fun amidst hovering clouds

Visiting Murree during sizzling summer – a fun amidst hovering clouds

Seema Mir

MURREE, July 28 (APP):When the whole of the country experiences sizzling summer temperatures,the hill stations are the places which provide respite to the visitors.

One such hill station known to every one since long is Murree with spectacular scenic view from everywhere and from every angle and at all the times.
Murree’s scenery is truly stunning including towering pine-clad hills and lush valleys.

the hill station is situated at an altitude of 7500 ft with an average temperature range of minimum 14 degrees celsius and maximum 20-22 degrees celsius during summer.

Murree, the mountain resort town ,located in the galyat region of the Pir Panjal range is about thirty kilometers northeast of Islamabad.

The panorama of Murree coupled with hospitality of local people add charm to the visit.

If the days are fun filled ,the nights become bewitching at the sight of light studded mountains with light emanating from houses.

“Oh my God, Murree seems extremely beautiful away from the sultry weather of Punjab during summer,expressed a student ,Maria Khan who was from Lahore.

In addition to scenic beauty,bazaar of Murree commonly known as the Mall Road bustles with people along with colourful items on display.

Visitors feel very comfortable in Murree owing to friendly and hospitable gesture of local people.

Not only this much, going to Bhurban village of Murree is also a special treat to enjoy.The landscape there is also enchanting with thick forests of pines around ;And ,a beautiful walking track of Pearl Continental hotel with foolproof security.

When talking about scenic beauty of Murree,Ayubia which falls under the jurisdiction of Khyberpukhtunkhwa (KP) also stands tall.

The view of Ayubia from hills top is superb with clouds wandering not only across the sky but also peep through the windows.

These moving clouds not only seem beautiful they also add chill to the weather.when talking about the weather of Ayubia it is pertinent to mention that while in the rest of the plain areas air conditioners stop working it is Ayubia where a quilt is required even without a fan and one needs woolies to put on.

Talking to APP, the manager Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) motel in Ayubia,Jehanzeb Khan said, ” the occupancy in PTDC motel here remains 80% and above during summer.

He said it was the weather and the scenic view here which attracted the visitors.
“The view of Ayubia is mind blowing ,”this was remarked by a visitor Farah Luqman while talking to this scribe.

“Ayubia’s bazaar is also very colourful with beautiful items available at reasonable prices as compared with other parts of the country.

Beside the beautiful weather of the area,chairlifts in Ayubia are the biggest attraction for the visitors as their ride amidst the hovering clouds takes the riders to an aura of enchantment.

It is pertinent to mention here that the walking tracks in the Galyat area are wonderful and a great inspiration for walk lovers.

Moreover,researches have revealed that ‘forest bathing’spending time in a forested areais good forfor ones mental wellbeing. A 2010 study published in Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine, “found that by simply walking in a forest, participants had lower blood pressure and levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) afterwards than those who strolled through a city environment.”

Health experts also endorse the studies saying that ” nature can be beneficial for mental health.”

They further say, ” It reduces cognitive fatigue and stress and can be helpful in coping with depression and anxiety.”

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