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Sialkot-totally export oriented city, earns billion of dollars foreign exchange annually

Sialkot-totally export oriented city, earns billion of dollars foreign exchange annually

By Imran Rehman

SIALKOT, Oct 09 (APP):Located in Punjab Province 125km North-West of Lahore, Sialkot is an important economic hub and totally export-oriented city of the country whose 99 percent products are exported to various parts of the globe. 

Through exports, Sialkot based small and medium industries are earning foreign exchange amounting to more than  US dollars 2.5 billion annually and thus strengthening the national exchequer.
The Sialkot exporters are the “Roaming Ambassadors” of Pakistan, which are not only traveling for fetching the highly valuable foreign exchange for the country but making efforts to introduce Pakistan through their products.

Currently, more than 8,000 firms are registered with Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI).
Moreover, Sialkot is an industrial hub of Pakistan where per capita income  is higher as than the other cities of Pakistan.

The innovative business leaders of Sialkot believe in inclusion and diversity, they believe that a visionary business is a good business. 

Sialkot has made its mark in the industrialized world, they say.

Thousands of small and medium sized industries are functioning in and around Sialkot and is globally known for its quality products, unique export culture and for manufacturing value-added goods like Leather Products, Sports Goods, Surgical Instruments, Gloves of all sorts, Textile Items, Sports Wear, Martial Arts Uniforms & Accessories, Musical Instruments, Kitchenware, Hollow Ware, Knives, Cutlery items and Military Uniform Badges etc.

Moreover, Sialkot made footballs, field hockey sticks, cricket gear and boxing gloves were used in international games including the Olympics and World Cups.  It is pertinent to mention here that the surgical and sports goods industries are the oldest industries which are playing a tremendous role not only in strengthening the national economy but also in providing employment opportunities to hundreds of industrial workers.

Surgical industry of Pakistan globally was enjoying the monopolistic position because no other country can produce surgical instruments in price ranging and quality.

The Pakistani surgical instruments are the most economical in the world coupled with unconditional guarantee of finest quality besides world-renewed companies of surgical are entering into joint ventures with Pakistani companies.

Most of the developed countries are importing surgical instruments from Sialkot, and everyday, hundreds of surgeries are performed around the world by surgeons using the instruments made in Sialkot. Thus Sialkot made instruments are playing a silent but significant role in healing wounds and fighting disease worldwide.

In the present scenario, there is a great need of a “Separate Business Strategy” for Sialkot keeping in view its unique export culture and craftsmanship enabling it to play a significant role in earning maximum foreign exchange for the country.

The business acumen of the local exporters has not only excelled in foreign trade but they pay special attention to fulfilling their social responsibility. Exceptional achievements in business, the corporate sector is fully vigilant to its responsibilities towards the social sector and has played a significant role in this regard on “Self-help Basis” which has become now the culture of Sialkot.

It merits a mention here that Sialkot exporters have set the unique examples of self help by completing several mega projects and establishing Sialkot International Airport on self help basis.

Besides, leather and its products have also received appreciation in the world market. The leather garments, leather gloves and textile sportswear manufactured in Sialkot are competing with other countries in quality and price.

The hand embroidered badges and uniforms accessories have also achieved a good reputation in the international market. On a voluntary basis, the local business community is playing a tremendous role in bringing boom in exports besides fulfilling the social responsibilities and the uplift of the city.

Despite several problems the local exporters and manufacturers are fulfilling their international commitments to keep the national economic wheel fully moving and to compete global market that needs special attention for upgrading industrial sector for tracking industrial sector on modern production lines for bringing radical change and need of formulation of a separate business plan for Sialkot for enhancing the productivity and bringing innovation in products to cope with the challenges of international market.

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