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Scientific discoveries that made Pakistan stand tall in comity of nations

Scientific discoveries that made Pakistan stand tall in comity of nations

Dr Saeed Ahmad Ali

LAHORE, Mar 07 (APP): Over 687-796 million unborn or new born babies could be saved from lifelong multiple disabilities now, as a scientific study has discovered the factors behind such a large-scale disabilities among the upcoming generations.
Doesn’t it sound great?

Yes, of course, it is, especially when it transpires that the cutting-edge research has been conducted by a Pakistani arch-researcher, Prof. Dr. Aurangzeb Hafi, and duly validated by a Britain-based international organisation after a long, competitive and transparent process.

The Impact Hallmarks© [IH] announced its domino effect verdict on January 28, 2021, declaring the scientific study, IRT Model of Embryonic Iatrogenesis, one of the most impactful research works of the last two decades. Prof Hafi’s research revealed enough-provable linkage and incontestable ‘causal relationships’ between certain medications and multiple forms of disabilities among newly born as well as unborn babies.

Prof Aurangzeb Al Hafi says that despite huge developments in ‘medical measures’ like vaccine-inoculations, and their massive encroachments, the past 45 years have witnessed an enormous rise in complexities of pre-birth as well as post-birth disabilities. He tells APP that most of the prevalent drug-formulations are predominantly based on complex chemical-compositions, which, essentially, do pose serious threats to the physio-chemical synchrony of fetal tissues – thus, eventually leaving the baby on severe vulnerabilities of life-long disabilities – both, structural as well as functional.

Not only are these embryonically ‘non-compatible’ hefty drug-formulations hard to be absorbed by the fetal tissues, but also their chemical structures remain intransigently tough enough to be broken down and processed by the fetal cells in the same time-frame and interval-break-intermissions, as those of the mother’s body-cells.

“Such drugs and chemical-compositions must be brought under strict international legislation, in order to safeguard the lives of massive proportions of unborn babies, that are prone to predisposal of detrimental devastations,” pleads the researcher.

The other two scientific studies of the Pakistani scientist included in the list of most impactful discoveries by the Impact Hallmarks were: the first-ever scientific demonstration of Magneto-Hydro-Tropism (MHT) and the first methodological baselines engrossed annotation-broadsheet with reference to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, which was made available to the World Health Organisation (WHO), and others concerned on March 3, 2020 for the academic considerations.

The other world scientific discoveries, shortlisted by the Impact Hallmarks were ‘Boson’ by François Englert and Peter Higgs (Belgium & UK); and ‘Neutrino Oscillation’ by Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B. McDonald (Japan & Canada).

While famous humanitarian of Pakistan, Bilquis Edhi, was declared the ‘Person of the Decade’, along with human rights rapporteur of the UN Prof. Yanghee Lee and the US ethicist Stephen Soldz, Prof. Aurangzeb Al Hafi was listed among “Top of the Top Ten” over his scientific discoveries.

According to the ‘Preamble Note’ of the Impact Hallmarks© [], the finalists were shortlisted out of over 1.6 million notables with diverse backgrounds and from over 190 countries. The international organisation, that conducted the process, listed Prof. Hafi, an erudite, a polymath and a discoverer, on the sixth position among the most impactful persons of the world.

Lt. Col. (R) Azhar Saleem, senior coordinating officer at the SAARC-ASEAN Post-Doctoral Academia, tells APP Prof. Hafi’s other scientific studies are equally important with great impact value for the human beings. In 2004, when the Magneto Sectorial Model of Prof. Hafi was made public for the first time, the Pakistani researcher was unofficially offered British citizenship, along with over two million pounds sterling for providing the original manuscript of his magneto-sectorial model, he says.

The offer was made by the London-based International Scientific Council, which also offered the Pakistani scientist to be declared the “Man of the Year 2003 in Interdisciplinary Sciences”, if he becomes the British citizen. The Pakistani media and especially English-language daily ‘Dawn’ had reported the issue in detail.

In 2016, a team of Pakistani scientists, led by Principal Discoverer Prof. Hafi, made a major breakthrough by carrying out the first scientific demonstration of Magneto-Hydro-Tropism (MHT). He performed the first experimentation of exposing plasma and other object-testers to approximately 1.2 Tesla at an altitude of over 4,000ft from the ground level.

“The experiment was performed on a female rabbit in the air, and the results produced by it were declared a ground-breaking discovery by the scientists the world over,” opined the experts on board. The phenomenon would have broad-spectrum and far-reaching impacts on multi-spheric segments of basic as well as applied sciences, the scientists believe.

The discovery provided nucleic framework by laying the very core conceptual foundations of an entirely new orbit-realm in high energy physics, and that was why the international organisation, the Impact Hallmarks, selected the scientific discovery due to its impact extending far beyond decades. It is believed that the research has opened new horizons in the fields of physics, chemistry, space sciences, medicine, biology, electronics, environmental sciences and a host of associated sciences.
Prof Hafi considers that the study would help control cerebrospinal fluid and certain neurons in order to prevent pregnancy-related taratogenicity issues.

The research results had surprised scientists from the neighbouring country and others, who have been left far behind in the field despite having vast funds at their disposals.

A three-day scientific confab titled ‘1st South Asian Interdisciplinary Scientific Confab on MHT Discovery’ was also held in Sri Lanka. Over 300 experts of relevant disciplines from various countries including the UK, the USA, had participated in the event.

The third scientific work of Prof. Hafi, included in the list of most impactful discoveries was COVID-19 risk reduction annotation broadsheet schematic overview. The methodological and propositional research-schema centred annotation-broadsheet encompassed the condensed shielding mechanism’s overview in a brief and engrossed graphic schematic representation. The COVID-19 annotation broadsheet along with the A.Z.H Deca-Archic Model of ACE-2 Shielding Mechanism, undeniably emerged to draw the first schematic baselines of investigative exploration for over 205 countries’ research hierarchies to further their scientific enquiry on the subject-matter. In fact, the research provided the rudiment principles to view and address the pandemic within the strict boundaries of methodological leaps and limits.
About scientific works of Prof. Hafi, senior provost of SAARC as well as Asia-Oceania Postdoctoral Academia Dr E. M. Navaratne says: “By any means-n-measures, Professor Aurangzeb Hafi’s contributions to a vast array of subjects, seem to be evidently unparalleled and unsurpassable not only within Asia – but manifestly across the globe, within our era. By epitomizing Pakistan’s name to the apexes of immense scientific and methodical eruditions, Prof.

has earned colossal zeniths for his country… Little wonder that one day, Pakistan will be regarded as the research capital of the world in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary scientific endeavours!”
Dr. Alex J. shared his thoughts as: “Among the men and women known for their intellect apices. coupled with the moral uprightness, Pakitan’s Prof. A. Z Hafi’s eccentricity summits the alps.

The indefatigable and persistent battle for raising voice for the disable chidren of the poor world, has really made him a verbatim personification of somewhat an epitome-incarnated ‘voice of the voiceless’. No doubt, for his voice raising with reference to the poor children of neglected communities belonging to the Asian region, he has been considered as an unpretentious asset, a candidly true concierge as the virtuous ‘Pride of Asia’, which he, quite essentially, for all intents and purposes is! But, to a solemn note for all of the Pakistanis as well as the South Asians, Prof. A. Z. Al Hafi remains no more a personal property of Pakistanis, nor a private commodity of Asians so far, he is rather Prof Hafi of the planet”.

Prof. Hafi has one major aim in his life: to keep raising voice for the voiceless, the unborn and newborn babies to keep them safe from disabilities. He regrets that hundreds of medicines, which are banned in developed countries like Britain, the USA, Switzerland, Japan, etc., are being supplied to the poor countries, and being administered to pregnant women and lactating mothers, in criminal connivance of pharma companies and medical professionals.

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