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Regular check-ups, early detection only cure for breast cancer, healthy lifestyle, balanced diet play role

Regular check-ups, early detection only cure for breast cancer, healthy lifestyle, balanced diet play role

By Seema Mir

ISLAMABAD, Oct 17 (APP):Whereas breast cancer is the most prevalent disease among women worldwide ,in Pakistan one out of eight women suffers from this life threatening disease.

Devouring thousands of women annually, this killer disease can only be cured 100% by early detection and by consulting the doctor rightaway. This was the take home message by every medical expert who came across this scribe while penning down the piece of information.

Medical experts advise the women to have regular check-ups even if one was not suffering from any disease as, the monster disease was so prevalent that if there were four cancer patients then one was suffering from breast cancer, they revealed.  

The symptoms, as pointed out by a doctor at Nuclear Oncology Research Institute Dr. Samina Manzoor were breast lump, node in axila, nipple discharge having blood, nipple retraction and skin changes.

Some people have no symptoms at all, she said.
About the causes of breast cancer she said it occurred in women who were not married, late marriage, after marriage no pregnancy, obesity and weakness in women.

Another medical practitioner Dr. Shazia Zahoor advising about the precautions to be observed  regarding breast cancer said one should eat a balanced diet, maintain a healthy weight, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, avoid exposure to chemicals which can cause cancer.

Moreover, she said social networking help improve condition of breast cancer patient. But there was no way out to avoid any type of cancer, she revealed.

Her views regarding social networking were endorsed by a research saying that breast cancer survivors with a strong social support or networking seemed to live longer and have a lower risk of cancer coming back.

The researchers found that women with fewer social ties before and during the cancer treatment are at higher risk of death form the malignancy. When asked about the heavy casualty rate in women due to breast cancer, Dr. Samina said that it was due to shyness and ignorance of the sufferers owing to which they come to hospital at third or fourth stage for treatment. 

And, henceforth, she lamented that with treatment of the breast cancer at the last stages survival rate decreased. She said the high ratio of the deadly disease might be due to the reason that it was not diagnosed early. About the social implications of breast cancer mother of a victim of breast cancer Amna Bibi, while talking to APP, said the disease had killed her daughter after ruining her life first.

She went on to say that after falling prey to breast cancer, life of her daughter was totally miserable as her son-in-law divorced her instead of taking care.

She said social consequences might be the reason why women were shy about the disease so that their life might not be spoiled.

The husband of a patient of breast cancer at NORI, Ghaffar Khan, when asked about the problems being faced by the family due to illness of his wife, demanded of the government to construct more cancer hospitals to cater to huge population.

Medical experts were of the view that awareness should be created among masses about the deadly consequences of the killer disease so to save precious human lives.

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