Articles PML-N edges ahead all in Punjab with 550 seats

PML-N edges ahead all in Punjab with 550 seats

PML-N edges ahead all in Punjab with 550 seats

LAHORE, Oct 31 (APP): Pakistan Muslim League-N has gained
edge over all political parties with 450 Union Council (UC)
Chairman seats out of a total of 1578 according to the
unofficial results of the Phase-I of the Local Government (LG)
polls 2015 in the 12 districts of the province till the filing
of this report.
According to the unofficial result statistics, the
independent candidates have emerged as the largest opposition
with 340 seats with Pakistan Tehreek i Insaaf (PTI) managing
only 88 seats and relegated to the third position in Punjab
although it had emerged the 2nd largest party in Punjab in the
General elections 2013.
The other political parties could not resist the PML-N
popularity and managed only 41 seats in the 12 polling
districts of the province.
PML-N candidates have almost swept the LG polls 2015 in
Lahore district with 170 seats out of the 274 union councils
as the voters have reposed confidence in the economic, social
and pro-democracy agenda of the PML-N.
The popularity wave of the PML-N can be assessed from the
fact that PML-N candidates have defeated PTI and Jamat e
Islami (JI) in their own backyard as PTI and JI candidates
lost UC seats in Zaman Park (PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s den)
and Mansoora (JI headquarters).
In Gujrat district, PML-N has emerged victorious with
PML-N candidates bagging 16 Chairman seats while PTI could win
only 5 seats.In Okara district, PML-N has won 10 seats while PTI could
not win a single seat with one seat managed by the other
parties.In Lodhran district, PML-N has won 32 seats with PTI
candidates declared successful against 06 seats while 20 seats
have been won by other parties.
In Kasur, PML-N has secured 49 seats with other parties
managing 26 seats while the PTI could only win 3 seats in the
district.In Nankana Sahib, independent candidates have won 5 seats
while the PML-N candidates securing 2 seats in the district.
In Bahawalnagar district, PML-N candidates have won 27
seats with PTI won only 5 seats and the other parties have
bagged 15 seats. In Faisalabad PML-N won 73 seats, PTI 21 seats while 102
seats have been won by the independent candidates.
In Chakwal district, PML-N has won 5 seats, PML-Q 01
seat, other parties 01 seat while PTI could not win a single
seat in the district.
PML-N has also emerged victorious in Bhakkar, Pakpattan
and Vehari districts. PML-N is the only political party in the country’s
history which has to its credit the holding of three local
government elections in the past during its stints in power in
the years 1987, 1991 and 1998.

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