Sports Pakistan to host WBC recognized ‘Arabian Sea Title Fight’...

Pakistan to host WBC recognized ‘Arabian Sea Title Fight’ in November

Pakistan to host WBC recognized ‘Arabian Sea Title Fight’ in November

ISLAMABAD, Sep 16 (APP):Professional boxing in Pakistan is set to get a boost as for the first time, the country is going to host the World Boxing Council (WBC) event, ‘The Arabian Sea Title Fight’ in Islamabad in November, this year.

The WBC is launching the top flight event in Pakistan in association with Pakistan Professional Boxing League (PPBL).

The Arabian Sea region includes 16 countries: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Iran, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, Djibouti, Maldives and India.

“It’ll be a very big event as top pro-boxers from this region will be seen in action for the first time in Pakistan in various fighting categories,” Syed Nouman Shah, the PPBL president told APP on Monday.He said that the award of event to Pakistan was as a recognition of PPBL’s efforts to promote professional boxing in the country.

Giving example of star boxer Muhammad Waseem, who recently got a stunning first-round knockout victory over Philippines’ Conrado Tanamor in flyweight bout in Dubai, he said that Pakistan was a naturally talent filled country. “I believe we can produce several boxing superstars like him (Waseem) in all fighting categories.

“This event will also provide a perfect platform to our pugilists to come to the limelight and showcase their talent to the world,” he added.

Shah said that the WBC President Mauricio Suleiman was highly impressed with the boxing talent in Pakistan and wanted to see this sport flourish here.

“He (Mauricio) is well aware about the vast talent we’ve in boxing. He is taking personal interest to promote this sport in Pakistan.”

He said the WBC president had also extended an invitation to PPBL to attend the 57th WBC Convention, scheduled to be held in Cancun, Mexico from October 20 to 26.

“Our 12-member delegation will attend this all-important convention. We’ll be honoured there as the WBC president will also announce us as its only representative in Pakistan,” he added.

He said the presidency of the WBC Arabian Sea region would also be given to Pakistan. “It is heartening that our efforts are yielding results and we are being honoured at the world level.”

The WBC Conference will bring together international boxing stars, movers and shakers in the boxing world with an agenda of boxing presentations, medical clinics and talks, approval of the world rankings, the appointment of official challengers for each champion in the 17 divisions, seminars for ring officers, judges and referees.

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