Articles Pak-China relations continue to demonstrate remarkable growth with milestone...

Pak-China relations continue to demonstrate remarkable growth with milestone achievements

Pak-China relations continue to demonstrate remarkable growth with milestone achievements

By Taj Nabi Khan

ISLAMABAD, Mar 07 (APP):The long history of Pak-China diplomatic relations spanning over seventy years have shown remarkable stability and growth with milestone achievements for transforming the domestic fortune of millions of people in both the countries.

The bilateral relations between the two countries cover the entire edifice from economic to political, strategic to cultural and commercial to education. In order to commemorate the historic and deep-rooted relations in a befitting manner, both the countries have conceived a number of activities (more than 100 events) throughout the year to celebrate the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries. The events consisted of cultural activities, photography exhibitions, fashion shows, publication of books and people-to-people exchange. The series of events regarding the 70th anniversary celebrations were launched with virtual ceremony on March 2 in Islamabad and Beijing to mark the date of the relations.

It is pertinent to mention that Pakistan was among one of the first countries that has recognized the People’s Republic of China after it was established on October 1, 1949. Subsequently, the diplomatic relations between the two countries were established on May 21, 1951. Over the years, an exponential growth was witnessed in the relations from defense to economy and energy to trade. The ties have become globally exemplary with vision to create “win-win-situations” and economic prosperity to eradicate poverty from the region. It was also due the stability and strength of the diplomatic ties between Pakistan and China that the relations often referred as “deeper than the oceans, higher than the mountains, stronger than the steel, sweeter than honey, all-weather friends and iron-brothers” on global arena.

The linking of the globe through inclusive Belt and Road Initiatives (BRI) is lauded worldwide for creating long term economic opportunities alongside infrastructural development of the partner countries. The BRI reflects the President Xi’s visionary leadership who conceived the road connection a must for economic growth and prosperity of the entire globe. The multi-billion-dollar China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has not only further expanded the bilateral relations but also forever connected the two countries in terms of socio-economic growth and prosperity.

After launching the CPEC project, people-to-people interactions between Pakistan and China have been increased while it rapidly opening up new avenues in areas of higher education, culture exchange programs, strategic relations, economic and business activities between the two countries. China was successfully achieving the set objectives through inclusive BRI to connect the global economic landscape for shared future and economic prosperity.

Talking to APP, Director Pakistan Institute of China Studies, University of Sargodha, Dr Fazlur Rahman said, “Pakistan and China has unique bilateral relations in international history with mutual respect for sovereignty, territorial integrity, equality and interest of each other — that has kept it consistently growing.” He said that Pakistan has maintained a principle position on China’s core national interests.

It has also extended the opportunity to connect China with the rest of the globe. “China has declared CPEC as the flagship project for the BRI”, he added.

Islamabad based working Journalist Dr Furqan Rao who has recently completed PhD from China’s University has said the Chinese people were hardworking, professional, punctual, committed and wholeheartedly obey the orders of their central government. He said, “The smooth and expedite execution of CPEC would further enhance Pak-China bilateral relations.” He said the BRI would bring economic stability through its seven corridors to the globe besides connecting more than 65 countries world over, adding that China has always supported Pakistan in testing times both economically and strategically.

Responding to a query regarding BRI, Dr Fazlur Rahman said, “For the first time in history, the global integration process has started from Asia with the central initiative of China to connect the globe.

He said, “The BRI other than integrating the world economically has meant to expand business, economic relations while allowing free access to trade and commercial activities.” The less-developed and smaller countries would also benefit from the initiatives in terms of infrastructural development and financial support, adding that a number of countries in Central and Eastern Europe have already become part of this global economic outreach.

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