By Muhammad Usman Khan

ISLAMABAD, Nov 6 (APP): Opening of various avenues and expansion of various roads have smoothen the traffic flow in the capital, these are also encouraging the amateur motorists and motorcyclists to exhibit acrobatic stunts.
The nuisance caused by these motorcyclists and motorists’ adventurers can be seen on these avenues and busy roads particularly during late night hours and on weekend.
And by exhibiting acrobatics they not only put their own lives on risks but also that of others.
Although scores of them have been injured and some even lost their lives in this adventurism so far, still that practice continued due to lack of effective checking and proper racing tracks in the capital.
The motorcyclists alter the parts of the bike and replace the genuine parts of the bike with such parts that can accelerate the speed of the bike. A normal bike that has a top speed of 80 kmh can go up to 100kmh increased by alteration.
A resident of a sector G-7/4 Zafar said, they disturb routine life of the nearby residents by making noise particularly at the weekend.
The speeding bikes and cars, mostly driven by ill-behaved youth,
remain on the rampage at the capital city roads on the week ends bringing the tall claims made by the traffic Police to ground.
Hundreds of motorcyclists riding bikes without helmets keep on crazy
driving on the capital roads, creating panic among the people who have ventured out of their homes on the week ends.
With little check by the police to control the unruly youth, the youngsters screech, perform all sorts of stunts, besides wheeling on all the major roads of the city, virtually bringing other traffic to a stand still.
Aslam, a commuter on Murree road, said the young drivers not only endanger their own lives but of others also as they not only drive rashly but also violate traffic rules by driving in zigzags instead of keeping their lane.
They are often joined by groups of youth on bikes, driving recklessly on the roads, also with noisy silencers, disturbing the atmosphere on Murree Road, he added.
Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) claimed that all possible efforts are
being made to curb such stunts particularly performed on week ends. “Sometimes, it becomes impossible for us to stop such acts as the people perform these stunts just for the sake of adventure. On seeing policemen, they drive normally but after passing through them, they again perform these stunts to disturb the people,” a high official said.
When contacted, SSP (Traffic) Malik Matloob said that special
deployment was ensured at 7th avenue, 9th avenue, Margallah road, Jinnah Avenue, Blue area, Faizabad, Rawal Road, Bhara Kahu to check one-wheeling and racing on week ends.
About police efforts to curb one-wheeling, he said that various teams
of ITP patrol on week ends to curb rash driving. He said, “One-wheelers drive their bikes in form of groups and police teams regularly monitor their activities. “Police officials work in teams, maintain coordination and inform each other about one wheelers making stunts on roads. They are trapped after stopping the traffic in the areas of violation through barriers,” he maintained.
The SSP (Traffic) Malik Matloob said that more than 4000 bikes were
impounded in various police stations of Islamabad on August 14, 2016 through strict vigilance and monitoring. He said that no unfortunate incident happened on the occasion as several casualties of one-wheelers were reported from various cities.
However, sources in Capital Development Authority (CDA) said that
adventure drivers should not lose heart as authority has set up motor-bike and car racing track at Lake View Park.
The project was aimed at providing recreational and healthy activities to the youth, the source added.
The SSP (Traffic) appealed the parents and teachers to refrain the
children from indulging in one wheeling saying that although it was thrill but dangerous to the lives of their children as well as other road
He warne that such dangerous stunts should not be performed, otherwise traffic police will take strict action against the violators for the safety of citizens and to maintain the traffic discipline in the capital.
About awareness among youngsters to refrain themselves from such
practices, Malik Matloob said that education teams of ITP visited various
educational institutions, government, non-government organizations to deliver lectures about road safety.
He, however, termed the cooperation of parents vital to curb such practices.