Articles Motorbike mania, careless driving cause 90 percent road mishaps

Motorbike mania, careless driving cause 90 percent road mishaps

Motorbike mania, careless driving cause 90 percent road mishaps

By Muhammad Atif Ismail

Multan, Aug 25 (APP):The rising motorbike addiction, both in rural and urban areas is not only creating health issues but also a cause of nearly 90 percent road accidents in South Punjab.

The developed countries are being observed promoting use of bicycles and walk culture in daily life, to maintain healthy society but unfortunately, in our country, the motorbike addiction is on rise almost in all age groups especially underage and youngsters. 

The two-wheeler motorbike has also become a major source of road mishaps.District Emergency Officer Rescue 1122 Multan, Dr Kaleem Ullah stated that improper use of motorcycles was a big cause of road accidents in the district.

He lamented that underage kids were often seen with motorcycles on different roads even though they did not have any know-how about traffic rules.They suffered injuries not only by themselves but caused mishaps to other citizens also.

Normally, there were about 20 reasons behind motorcycle accidents, he said adding, that underage kids, fitness of bikes, dilapidated roads, illegal diversions, unavailability of street lights, tough procedures to get motorcycle driving license, double or triple passengers on bike, misuse of bikes, no use of side mirrors, lack of helmets, over speeding, one wheeling, rash driving behaviors, use of mobile phones during driving, bike as loader, criminal use of bikes, change of road lane, sudden opening of doors of a parked car and some others were main reasons behind accidents. 

The motorcyclists not only risk their own lives but also put others’ lives in danger.

Sometimes, race bikes, which also served as status symbols in our culture, also caused mishaps. In routine life, some persons use drugs against different health issues especially blood pressure and they run motorcycles ignoring their health complications. Muhammad Mudassar Zia, control room incharge Rescue 1122 told APP that during year 2019, there were 21066 accidents of motorcycles. The total number of victims were 22315 in these mishaps, he shared. During last month ,July 2020, the city witnessed 2015 motorbike accidents. 

Dr Kaleem Ullah stated that there should be an official motorcycle driving school in the city wherein the youngsters should be trained as per law. They should be guided how to drive motorcycles, he said and added, similarly, the issuance of motorcycle driving licenses should be made easier and smooth. He also suggested strict law enforcement on traffic rules violations, On violations, the motorcyclists should be imposed heavy fines as well as imprisonment.

However, in case of underage motorbike drivers, the guardians should be punished, he stated. Dr Kaleem further said, in motorcycle accidents, the victims receive multiple injuries including head and spinal injuries which were fatal and irreversible. Some motorcycle accidents lead to permanent disability or death of victims, he noted. Muhammad Tariq, safety awareness officer of Rescue 1122, urged upon citizens to follow safety rules.

The parents or elder brothers should not give motorcycles to underage kids. Rescue 1122 receives many calls of accidents of underage bikers. Similarly, motorcyclists should wear helmets and also maintain fitness of the vehicle. He ,however, added that main victims of the bike accidents were youth and they were a very important part of society.

The Rescue 1122 officer advised extra-ordinary care during the motorbike ride.

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