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Healthy trend of women motorcyclists needs to be encouraged further in South Punjab

Healthy trend of women motorcyclists needs to be encouraged further in South Punjab

 By Muhammad Atif Ismail

 MULTAN, Dec 06 (APP):Transport is one of main problem for working women or school, college or university going girls, in the culturally rich but backward region of South Punjab.
The women have to depend on their family members including brothers, parents, or husbands, for their outdoor movement. Sometimes, the working women have to hire vehicles for their routine outdoor work. However, they have to pay much more in case of using rented vehicles.

However, for the last few years, a positive development is being observed in south Punjab as women and girls are seen using motorcycles independently. The motorcycle ride is one of the cheapest sources of transportation. Similarly, women on motorcycles do not depend on other members of their family.

Sana Hussain, a 24-year-old girl, master in Mass Communication from Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, talking to APP informed that she was using a motorcycle for many years. She stated that they were three sisters only. She was the eldest and her father not only allowed but also facilitated her for motorcycle rides. She mentioned that she did not learn motorcycle driving from anyone but she tried herself after noticing other people how to drive and then practiced it, thus remaining successful.
“I used to visit bazaar on bike independently and without any hesitation”, Sana  stated  . She herself could resolve some minor faults of the motorcycle also ,she added. Sana apprised that she was also a cricketer. She had the honour to play with national women cricketers at Multan Cricket Ground (MCG) Nawan Shehr Chowk.

Sana Hussain maintained that she also served as instructor and enabled her male cousins to learn motorcycle driving. She stated that she did not receive any injury during the motorcycle  driving. Responding to a question, Sana said that she enjoyed all sorts of support from her family. She, however, stated although motorcycle driving for females was termed as a cultural barrier in our region but she was brave and she came forward because an easy transport facility was a basic requirement for college or university female   students.

SP Patrolling Police Huma Naseeb told APP that women drivers whether car or motorcycle, were more careful while using roads. She stated that females were more law-abiding citizens as compared to men.
The women drivers keep complete documents with them. Huma Naseeb informed that the Punjab government had launched “Women on Wheel ” scheme to encourage motorcycle ride among women.
It is a healthy sign that women are often seen driving motorcycles especially in urban areas. She stated that women were serving in almost all sectors. Similarly, female motorcyclists should be encouraged.

District Officer Social Welfare Department Muhammad Ahmed Chishti told APP , In past, motorcycles were given to women on subsidized prices under an initiative of Punjab government. He maintained that Punjab Bank, Traffic Police, Social Welfare Department and a private motorcycle company facilitated the bike delivery and drive training process among women.DO Social Welfare hailed the rising number of female motorcyclists in the city and termed it a good change in the transport culture of the city. Although, the women on bikes were seen in big cities like Karachi and Lahore.

However, the trend was on rise with every passing day in south Punjab also, he said adding that society as well as parents should encourage girls to drive motorcycles.

Officials from the Traffic Police License Branch informed that 64 driving licenses were issued to females during October. However, they added that some licenses were joint, motorcycles as well as that of cars.

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