Articles Election results of Municipal Corporation Faisalabad

Election results of Municipal Corporation Faisalabad

Election results of Municipal Corporation Faisalabad

FAISALABAD, Nov 1 (APP): The unofficial result of chairman and
vice-chairman of Municipal Corporation Faisalabad in local government election-2015 (Phase-I) held on October 31.

UC No. 1 Muhammad Amin Butt IND

UC No. 2 Abdul Hafeef Bawa PML(N)

UC No. 3 Azher Iqbal Qurshi IND.

UC No. 4 Ch. Ejaz Ahmad IND.

UC No. 5 Haji Muhammad Anwar PML(N)

UC No. 6 Asif Ali Gill IND.

UC No. 7 Muhammad Sadiq PML(N)

UC No. 8 Rana Ejaz Hussain PML(N)

UC No. 9 Riaz Hassan Khan PML(N)

UC No. 10 Ayoub Aslam IND.

UC No. 11 Muhammad Nasir IND.

UC No. 12 Aatif Abbass IND.

UC No. 13 Ghazi Muhammad Umar IND.

UC No. 14 Rana Shoukat PML(N)

UC No. 15 Shafqat Rehman PTI

UC No. 16 Rana Waheed-ur-Rehman IND.

UC No. 17 Ch. Tariq Mehmood Kombo PML(N)

UC No. 18 Dr. Hassan Masood PTI

UC No. 19 Sheikh Dr. Shaheen IND.

UC No. 20 Haji Hayat Ali Ansari PML(N)

UC No. 21 Arif Hussain PML(N)

UC No. 22 Syed Ali Bilal Shah IND.

UC No. 23 Malik Shakeel Ali Nawaz Awan IND.

UC No. 24 Mian Muhammad Iqbal IND.

UC No. 25 Abdul Sattar Ansari PML(N)

UC No. 26 Muhammad Iqrar Ansari PML(N)

UC No. 27 Ch. Arshad Mehmood PML(N)

UC No. 28 Tahir Ayoub IND.

UC No. 29 Molvi Muhammad Safique IND.

UC No. 30 Muhammad Jameel Cheema IND.

UC No. 31 Muhammad Naeem IND.

UC No. 32 Mirza Haji M. Idrees PML(N)

UC No. 33 Muhammad Shahid IND.

UC No. 34 Khan Abdul Khan Marwat IND.

UC No. 35 Ch. Abdul Ghafoor PML(N)

UC No. 37 Mian Sajjad Ahmad PML(N)

UC No. 38 Ch. Rayasat Ali PML(N)

UC No. 39 Muhammad Mazhar Maqsood IND.

UC No. 40 Basharat Ali Dogar IND.

UC No. 41 M. Qasim Khan IND.

UC No. 42 Imran Ali Sandhu IND.

UC No. 43 Nasir Dilshad Sandhu PTI

UC No. 44 Amir Kombo PML(N)

UC No. 45 Rana Hassan Javaid PML(N)

UC No. 46 Rana Yaseen Ejaz Khan IND.

UC No. 47 Atiq ur Razaq PTI

UC No. 48 Muhammad Azam Majeed Gujjar IND.

UC No. 49 Muhammad Yaseen Amin IND.

UC No. 50 Shafique ur Rehman Tarrar IND.

UC No. 51 Rana Umer Daraz IND.

UC No. 52 Zahid Hussain Gujjar PML(N)

UC No. 53 Faryad Ali Khan PML(N)

UC No. 54 Saara Amjad IND.

UC No. 55 Muhammad Iqbal PML(N)

UC No. 56 Kashif mehmood PTI

UC No. 57 Israr Ahmad Khan PML(N)

UC No. 58 Mian Muhammad Iqbal Anjum PML(N)

UC No. 59 Abdullah Khan Dummbar PTI

UC No. 60 Nadeem Sadiq Dogar PTI

UC No. 61 Rana Mehdi Khan IND.

UC No. 62 Rana Zulfiqar IND.

UC No. 63 Haq Nawaz Ghaffari PML(N)

UC No. 64 Ch. Pervaiz Iqbal Komoka PML(N)

UC No. 65 Zafar Iqbal PTI

UC No. 66 Mazhar Hussain Bukhari PML(N)

UC No. 67 Muhammad riaz Komoka PTI

UC No. 68 Mian Mohsin Saleem PML(N)

UC No. 69 Sheikh Amir Hameed PTI

UC No. 70 Mijur ul Sharif PML(N)

UC No. 71 Amanat Ali Sahi IND.

UC No. 72 Naeem Bhatti IND.

UC No. 73 Chouhdary Sakhawat Ali PML(N)

UC No. 74 Sheikh Muhammad Yousuf PML(N)

UC No. 75 Ikhwas Quraishi PML(N)

UC No. 76 Muhammad Usman Manj PML(N)

UC No. 77 Mumtaz Ali Cheema PTI

UC No. 78 Rana Aata Muhayy-u-Din PML(N)

UC No. 79 Mian Rasheed Ahmad PML(N)

UC No. 80 Liaqat Ali Kamboh IND.

UC No. 81 Raja Saleem Abid IND.

UC No. 82 Muhammad Ramzan PML(N)

UC No. 83 Muhammad Ilyas PML(N)

UC No. 84 Muhammad Arshad PML(N)

UC No. 85 Muhammad Afzal Gujar PML(N)

UC No. 86 Tanveer Hussain Tarrar IND.

UC No. 87 Muhammad Yaqoob PTI

UC No. 88 Fazal Qadeer PML(N)

UC No. 89 Ejaz ul Haq Baig IND.

UC No. 90 Maqbool Ahmad PML(N)

UC No. 91 Sheikh Irfan Younis PML(N)

UC No. 92 Zulfiqar Ali PML(N)

UC No. 93 Muhammad Afzal Dogar IND.

UC No. 94 Malik Akbar Ali PTI

UC No. 95 Muhammad Shahid Riaz PML(N)

UC No. 96 Zulqarnain Haidari IND.

UC No. 97 Result Pending

UC No. 98 Chaudhry Muhammad Liaqat PML(N)

UC No. 99 Muhammad Jameel Ansari PML(N)

UC No. 100 Waseem Mushtaq IND.

UC No. 101 Result Pending

UC No. 102 Tanveer Aftab IND.

UC No. 103 Dr. Muhammad Ilyas IND.

UC No. 104 Result Pending

UC No. 105 Rao Muhammad Zaheer Iqbal IND.

UC No. 106 Mirza Abdul Malik IND.

UC No. 107 Muhammad Shafiq Ansari IND.

UC No. 108 Arshad Sadiqui IND.

UC No. 109 Sultan Mehmood Awan IND.

UC No. 110 Muhammad Yaqoub Ansari IND.

UC No. 111 Chaudhry Ghulam Rasool Ansari IND.

UC No. 112 Muhammad Atiq-ur-Rehman Ansaari IND.

UC No. 113 Sharafat Ali IND.

UC No. 114 Muhammad Azam IND.

UC No. 115 Malik M. Imran IND.

UC No. 116 Muhammad Ashfaq Rehmani IND.

UC No. 117 Shahban Gul IND.

UC No. 118 Mian Abdul Rasheed IND.

UC No. 119 Ch. M. Saleem IND.

UC No. 120 Rana Muhammad Saeed IND.

UC No. 121 Mian Kashif Mehmood IND.

UC No. 122 Muhammad Sadiq Ansari PML(N)

UC No. 123 Rana Iftikhar Khan PML(N)

UC No. 124 Abdul Razaq IND.

UC No. 125 Nazim Hussain Khan PML(N)

UC No. 126 Abdul Nasir Gill PML(N)

UC No. 127 Shamas ud Din PML(N)

UC No. 128 Muhammad Tahir Javed PML(N)

UC No. 129 Aqil Ahmad PML(N)

UC No. 130 Muhammad Lateef IND.

UC No. 131 Haji Muhammad Shehbaz Mughal PML(N)

UC No. 132 Shahid Riyarat IND.

UC No. 133 Mouwaid Aslam Neela Gujjar PML(N)

UC No. 134 Arif Hussain Bukhari PML(N)

UC No. 135 Haji Sheikh Khalid laada PML(N)

UC No. 136 Muhammad Aslam PTI

UC No. 137 Malik Abdul Razaq PML(N)

UC No. 138 Haji Abdul Ghafoor PML(N)

UC No. 139 Mubashir Khalil PML(N)

UC No. 140 Zahid Amin IND.

UC No. 141 malik Adnan PML(N)

UC No. 142 Muhammad Saleem PTI

UC No. 143 Asif Kisana PML(N)

UC No. 144 Muhammad Sarwar Ansari PTI

UC No. 145 Malik Taj Ahmad PML(N)

UC No. 146 Sajid Sohail IND.

UC No. 147 Muhammad Arshad Gujjar PML(N)

UC No. 148 Hafiz Ahmad PML(N)

UC No. 149 Muhammad Arshad Naaz PML(N)

UC No. 150 Zulfiqar Ahmad PML(N)

UC No. 151 Shahzad Hussain PTI

UC No. 152 Muhammad Aslam PTI

UC No. 153 Postponed

UC No. 154 Sheikh Aslam PML(N)

UC No. 155 Rashid amin PML(N)

UC No. 156 Khawaja Rizwan Butt PML(N)

UC No. 157 Khalid Gulzan PML(N)

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