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ECP issues code of conduct for LG elections in ICT

ECP issues code of conduct for LG elections in ICT

ISLAMABAD, Oct 26 (APP): The Election Commission of
Pakistan (ECP) on Monday issued the code of conduct for upcoming Local
Government Elections in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), barring
the holders of public office, including the President, Prime
Minister and Chief Ministers from visiting the Union Councils.
The decision was taken to ensure that elections of
the Union Councils and Wards in ICT are conducted fairly, said
spokesman of the ECP.
ECP directs that all executive authorities in the federation
will not use state resources in Local Government Elections
with an aim to influence elections in favour of a
particular candidate or a political party.
If any person in government service misuses his official
position in any manner to influence results of elections,
he will be liable to be proceeded under Section 60 of
the Islamabad Capital Territory Local Government Act, 2015, it
“No transfers/postings of the civil servants shall be made
after the issuance of Schedule of Local Government elections for
ICT without prior approval of the Election Commission till
the publication of election results,” the ECP spokesman said.
“After the issuance of Election Schedule, the President, the Prime
Minister, Chairman and Deputy Chairman Senate, Speaker and Deputy Speaker,
Federal Ministers, Ministers of State, Advisors to the Prime Minister and other Public office holder will neither openly nor in secret give any subscription or donation or make promises for giving such subscription or donation to any institution, nor shall inaugurate, commit to undertake or announce any development project therein for the advancement of the campaign of a candidate of his choice and thereby influence the results of elections,” said the spokesman.
Any holder of public office, who is found to have
violated any provision of election laws or the instructions issued
by the Election Commission, shall be proceeded against as mandated
in law, he added.

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