Articles ECP finalizes polling scheme for LB elections

ECP finalizes polling scheme for LB elections

ECP finalizes polling scheme for LB elections

FAISALABAD, Oct 27 (APP): The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has
finalized the polling scheme for Local Bodies (LB) elections in Faisalabad district.
A spokesman of the ECP Faisalabad said that about 300,000 new voters were
registered with ECP after general election 2013. Therefore, the ECP will establish 723 additional polling stations to facilitate this number.
He said 3944545 voters will cast their votes in LB elections
and the ECP would set up 3906 polling stations and 9773 polling booths in district Faisalabad.
He said that for 157 union councils of Faisalabad Corporation, 1763
polling stations and 4109 polling booths would be established including 819 polling stations for males, 819 for females and 125 combined.
Similarly, for 189 union councils of Zila Council and 122 Wards of
Municipal Committees, 177 polling stations and 487 polling booths would be set up in Tehsil Chak Jhumra including 56 polling stations for males, 56 for females and 66 combined.
He said 693 polling stations and 1843 polling booths
would be established in Tehsil Jaranwala including 254 polling stations for male, 254 for females and 185 combined while 363 polling stations and 895 polling booths woulde set up in Tehsil Tandlianwala including 108 polling stations for males, 108 polling stations for females and 147 combined.
The spokesman said , inn Tehsil Sammundri, 328 polling stations and 903
polling booths would be set up including 135 polling stations for male, 135 for females and 58 combined; 582 polling stations and 1536 polling booths will be set up in Tehsil Sadar including 159 polling stations for male, 159 for females and 264 combined polling stations.

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