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Digital startup on veterinary helps pet lovers to treat ailing animals during lockdown

Digital startup on veterinary helps pet lovers to treat ailing animals during lockdown

Adeel Saeed

PESHAWAR, May 14 (APP):Mobile veterinary, a digital startup, launched by a group of fresh qualified Veterinarian (VETs) has proved to be a blessing for hundreds of pet lovers to provide them online treatment service for ailing birds and animals during coronavirus lockdown.

Launched in the name of `DIGIVETPK Mobile Veterinary Service in Peshawar’, the digital startup provides free online consultation about pet feeding management, treatment guide for mild illness and home service on nominal charges in case of examination of the pet for care or vaccination.

The DIGIVETPK Veterinary Service consists of fifteen VETs, including a female, and provides help to the callers free of cost and in case of visit to the home for examination of pet animal or bird, charge limited amount. It is the first ever mobile veterinary service in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa having highly qualified veterinary doctors.

Talking to APP, the founder of the digital service, Dr Ameer Hamza said, “We have decided a fix amount of Rs. 700 to charge for visiting home for treatment of an ailing animal or bird while the cost of medicine is bore by the owner. Our digital service helped large number of pet animals during the coronavirus lockdown due to closure of pet clinics and restriction on movement of people”.

There are around 10,000 pet animals in Peshawar and the number of birds is much more than this figure which is kept by their lovers at homes. A number of animals and birds become sick due to different reasons mostly due to change in weather or environment and need treatment from a qualified VET.

Dr Ameer Hamza said, “The animal lovers were facing problems during corona lockdown in taking their ailing animals and birds to clinics for treatment, but DIGIVETPK came for their rescue. Our Vets have a vast experience of dealing with major animal rearing at homes or farms for production, breeding and recreation purpose”. He said that he is also attending classes for relevant course to launch his own `app’ on Google play store for making public access to them much easier.

Umair, a university student and dweller of Darra Adam Khel, in the outskirts of Peshawar, was much worried about treatment of his German Shepherd dog due to sudden and fast hair fall issue. “I had worries in mind where to take my dog because pet clinics are closed in Peshawar and in Darra the VET service is not up to the mark,” he added.

Sharing his experience of getting treatment for his ailing dog from DIGIVETPK, Umair said he searched for online vet services on social media. “Soon I got the clue of DIGIVETPK team on Facebook and contacted them about the problem being faced by my dog which is very much dearer to me, he said adding, DIGIVETPK team after listening to the problem prescribed a medicine which I purchased from Darra and soon my favorite pet animal got recovered from hair fall issue.”

He also said that the startup team did not charge any fee for prescription which was astonishing for him because on basis of his past experience of taking dog to pet clinics a huge amount was paid.

Umair said that the number of pet lovers was increasing with each passing day and provision of such service was need of the hour because a number of animals were dying due to lack of proper treatment. He said he would inform all his friends and relatives who were keeping pets to benefit from this service and ensure better health of their favorite animals and birds.

Dr. Umer, a team member of the mobile veterinary service said, “There are so many cases that timely helped by DIGIVETPK during the coronavirus lockdown and saved different animals and birds.”

He said people approached them for help in state of much worry and informed about the condition of their pet. After the visit and proper examination the animal and birds were saved and recovered, he added.

Dr. Omer said prevailing trend of VET service in the country was very expansive only in the reach of well off pet lovers. DIGIVETPK is also considering to launch home delivery for supply of standard animal feed to pet lovers at suitable price. Mediocre and people with low earning who love animals and birds and keep them at their home avoid visiting private pet clinics due to excessive charging.

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