Articles Beautiful Kirana Hills of Sargodha - a natural charisma

Beautiful Kirana Hills of Sargodha – a natural charisma

Beautiful Kirana Hills of Sargodha – a natural charisma

Muhammad Ashraf Bhutta

ISLAMABAD, Oct 25 (APP):Geographically Sargodha district is replete with beautiful range of hills. The hills range of Kirana Pahari is stretched from Shaheen Abad (Sargodha) to Chiniot district. The hill range is famous for folk tales and supernatural beauty. Due to the hills range Sargodha district has got the status of big stone crushing industry in Asia continent
Sargodha has become centre of attraction for the people due to the beautiful lakes, fountains and springs flowing into the hill range. The flowing attractive lakes and water springs in the lap of hill ranges depict the artistry of the nature.
20 kilometres away from Sargodha city and in front of Government Girls High School Chak 23/SB a beautiful natural lake exists in the web of hills of Shaheen Abad (The old Handewali) that has become an exemplary recreational site for the people.

Because of its natural beauty the Lake is called” Shaheeno Ki Jheel”. Geographically the lake came into subsistence due to the excessive use of ammunition material and blasting the hills for commercial purpose. The lake is surrounded by rocky mountains and the green water of springs/lake standing among the big rocks feels like a charisma of power and it depicts the sight of fabulous tale.  
A large number of people visit the lake especially university students for picnic and entertainment at week end. The beauty of this fountain can be estimated that a song of the famous movie “Ishq Khuda” was shot at the same place. Apart from this, many documentaries were also shot here.  
Another beautiful lake in existence from nature’s workmanship is situated at Chak 107\SB near Pul 11, it is called “Mysterious murky Lake”.  This magnificent lake is just as mysterious as its name. It came into existence as is said “in the surrounding area of Chak 107, the village had high hills long ago: the hills were removed by crushing.  When the crushing process was at last stage, naturally there began to emerge water and it took out to be a big Lake,”
The existence of a lake for the people was not less than a miracle. The whole spring is lit by golden rays, man sinks into the scene and thinks of him as part of a fabulous story. The golden fish leaping into the lake provides an amazing view at moon night.
On one side where the people attached with stone crushing industry are removing the hill range, on the other side they are busy in looking for innovative ways to eliminate these lakes. Big tube wells are being used to wipe out springs and lakes. Every effort is being made to finish these lakes. But nature also probably did not approve of these lakes.
Two young men Rizwan Niazi and Muhammad Iftikhar told APP, “They feel glade while visiting the lakes and springs situated in hill range of Sargodha, there is such a magical beauty like a charismatic place of Koh e Qaf where Fairies echo songs at the flowing water of fountains. Walking on the beaches is a different way of hiking”.
These places are a source of fun for thousands of people, not someone’s personal property. The district government declares the lakes and springs found in the Kirana Hill as a tourist hub. Hiking trails can be made and security measurements can also be taken by building fences around the fountains.
With small investment,the government can make these places a source of public entertainment.

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