Articles Amanullah-a legendary comedian lives in hearts

Amanullah-a legendary comedian lives in hearts

Amanullah-a legendary comedian lives in hearts

By Jehangir Khan Tareen

MULTAN, Mar. 8 (APP):All times favourite dramatist, William Shakespeare, said: “Life is a drama, this world is a stage and we are its actors.” It is an undeniable fact that after playing one’s role, he/she has to vacate the stage for others to perform.

So did the versatile artiste Amanullah Khan, after battling with protracted illness, heart winning comedian left the stage for others to play their roles on March 6.

A comedian or comic, by definition, is a person who entertains and makes audience laugh by his jokes or acting.

Mimicking is a special trait of an entertainer and, undoubtedly, pride of performance and comedy giant, Amanullah Khan was blessed with all the qualities of comedy.

He was a crowd puller who had the capacity to conduct one man show for hours to force the people applaud for his tremendous performance.

Born in 1950 in a village of Gujranwala, Amanullah spent most part his life in Lahore in a locality near tomb of Hazrat Ali Hajwari popularly known as Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh.

The star comedian had humble parentage and worked very hard for earning bread and butter since childhood.

Living legend, Qavi Khan while talking to this scribe of APP said that Amanullah was an uncrowned king of theatre adding that he forced people to watch theatrical performance by exploring new avenues.

Though he had no formal education of acting, the comedy king as he was considered by his fellow artistes, has no replacement, Qavi Khan acknowledged.

Comedy maestro used to perform more than usual duration of drama just to keep on amusing audience, Qavi Khan said and added that Amanullah set new trend of ” Punjabi Juggut.”

The industrious actor always honoured his seniors a lot and never showed disrespect for them, pride of performance senior artist stated informing that both of them worked together in numerous plays.

“He worked historically and a curtain had fallen on a chapter of comedy. His followers could not replace him at although some of them were much talented artistes whose contributions to performing art were superb.

Passing away of Amanullah has created a big vacuum in theatre. In an informal sitting with this scribe in Multan where he came to stage a drama Amanullah told that his forefathers were singers that was why he had good voice and used to mimic legendary actors Sawan and Mazhar Shah while selling candies and ‘bund mukhan’ in the vicinity of Data Saab.

“The mausoleum of Data Saab was a university for me from where I learnt a lot throughout my life, ” he reminisced.

The stand up comedian informed that his first experience of travelling by aeroplane from Karachi to Lahore was much memorable as he had journeyed on buses and trains before it.

“I was perplexed to know that after one hour from Karachi or so we were ready to land at Lahore airport because we did not stop at Hyderabad, Rahim Yar Khan, Multan, Mian Channu, Sahiwal as we stopped in these cities during travelling by bus” Amanullah recalled.

Living legend, Sohail Ahmad stated that Amanullah Khan was a passionate actor who was bent on making people laugh and wanted to see them smiling forever.

“Khan sahib was king of one man show but he was down to earth.

Better known as Azizi, the pride of performance stated that he was my beloved friend whom everyone calls King of Comedy adding that all comedians later entering the field copy him intentionally or unintentionally.

Amanullah Khan always showed respect for seniors and extended love for juniors, the seasoned actor said and added imprints of his spontaneous dialogues which bursted audience into laughter would go a long way in the memories of his fans home and abroad.

Director Iqbal Efundi introduced Amanullah to stage after listing to his mimics of known actors of yesteryears, Sohail Ahmad disclosed.

Senior Stage Director Zawar Baloch said that the legendary artist was a powerful performer who had the capability of one man show for hours.

He recalled that they had travelled to Australia and New Zealand for conducting shows adding that Amanullah conducted an hour long one man show before an audience of 2,000 most of whom were Sikhs.

His pairing with late Babu Baral in “Shartiya Methay” took him to the heights of fame wherein duo played as visually impaired sons of a person who works as facilitator of group drug peddlers disguised as street beggars.

The drama was staged at Mehfil theatre Lahore for months due to its popularity.

The list of his dramas was much long and he played in 860 day night plays wherein he performed versatile roles which are afresh in the minds of his fans.

Famous comedian Imanut Chun said that Amanullah Khan’s fellow actors were tongue-tied at the demise of legendary star.

Nawaz Anjuman, a Lahore based Multan comedian said that Khan sahib used to encourage the juniors a lot and never let them down.

He was an actor par excellence and great comedian, he said adding that Amanullah Khan had the power to mesmerize the audience by his spell bound performance.

Versatile artist Amanullah Khan worked diligently to earn his name and was an observatory performer of every daily specially of villagers and the way he presented folk people was matchless.

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