Articles 23 March calls for revitalizing, reawakening of national resolve

23 March calls for revitalizing, reawakening of national resolve

23 March calls for revitalizing, reawakening of national resolve

By Ali Jabir

ISLAMABAD, Mar 22 (APP):Pakistan marks March 23 as “Pakistan Day” to express its might and power before the world that it had achieved after numerous precious sacrifices both in men and material since partition as its founding fathers had passed a resolution back in 1940 at Minto Park Lahore (now Minar-e-Pakistan) on this day for a separate motherland for Muslims of the sub-continent.

This Pakistan Day is far different from its previous celebrations as the outbreak of coronavirus had resulted in the postponement of Pakistan Day Parade and other celebrations.

The country is passing through the most volatile days of its history where at one end economic crunch, political turmoil and geo-strategic tensions had trapped it in its meshes ,on the other hand is the CoronaVirus pandemic across the globe that has devoured thousands of lives across the globe and has also gripped Pakistan into its clutches.

It is necessary for the nation to mark this 23 March not only as Pakistan Day rather the day for revitalizing and reawakening national resolve to stand firm and united against all challenges with courage and strong determination. Pakistan is the country that started its journey from sacrifices and would continue as Rome was not built in one day and the Phoenix rises from its ashes after completely burning that turns it into gold.

History is testament to the fact that Pakistan is the only country on this planet that has emerged as a victorious nation against terrorism despite all the odds and impediments it had passed through during its journey from terrorism to tourism.At this moment saying of the father of the nation Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah comes to mind as he rightly said, “There is no precedent to the pain we have been inflicted in the history rather we have to sacrifice more for the country.”

From Lieutenant General Mushtaq Ahmed Baig, Major General Sanaullah, Major General Javed Sultan, Major General Bilal Omar Khan to Colonel Mujeeb ur Rehman, Sepoy Touseef, Flying Officer Mariam Mukhtiar, Wing Commander Noman Akram there is a huge list of martyrs who preferred motherland’s protection to their family.

Let us venture into a journey down the memory lane to discover the unsung heroes of our war against terrorism, the conflict that had challenged our nation from war front to ideological grounds.

A war which failed the mightiest, resourceful and highly trained forces of the world in our neighbourhood Afghanistan but it was our valiant armed forces that turned the tide when international powers were predicting our failure against insurgency and extremism in the region. Whether it is peace, disasters, natural calamities or war Pakistan Armed Forces have proved their mettle in all the fields.

This is the nation that has sacrificed the blood of over 70,000 civilians and 20,000 personnel of armed forces in fighting against terrorism. The world has realised that either it is hot start or cold start the armed forces of Pakistan are ready along with their nation to shred its enemies into pieces. The brave soldiers of Pakistan Army, Air Force and Navy have written blood warming stories of chivalry and dignity that motivates every Pakistani to sacrifice everything for his motherland without any second thought.

The year 2019 was very challenging for Pakistan as tensions on its eastern border had reached the most dangerous levels of escalation that could have erupted a serious nuclear Armageddon between the two arch rivals. But the armed forces of Pakistan have shown the world that they are a responsible and professional army.

The dogfight of 27 February, 2019 unveiled the strength of Pakistan Air Force that it had made the country’s air defence indomitable.

Former Air Chief Marshal of Pakistan Sohail Aman at an occasion said, “I am sure that the Indian Air Force is unable to know what operation swift retort was and what has happened to them.

But the nation must keep trust in its forces and should know that Pakistan Air Force has prepared itself for bigger conflicts and scenarios and Operation Retort was just a small glimpse of it.”

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