Articles Women vending is lifeline for hundreds

Women vending is lifeline for hundreds

Women vending is lifeline for hundreds

By Beenish Atif

ISLAMABAD, May 13 (APP): Women vending is lifeline for hundreds in city ,it is an important activity for unemployed ,helpless and less educated sector.It is source of employment and income for many women. The trend of women vending has increased in recent couple of years, which benefits the woman herself ,her family and to country’s economy as well.The rise of women participation in this side has links to ecenomic compulsion.
Vending is increasingly becoming an option for many women. Specially it attracts those who have limited opportunities for obtaining employment or prestigious business.They sell clothes,cosmetics,crockery, and etc.
Women vending is an important domain of women economic activity that requires many skills to deal with it.Vending is not easy when it comes to women so it needs extra hardwork to compete with one’s experties.
There are many factors which compel women to work, some time poverty at others sole bread earner for family ;Moreover, joblessness and some time due to less income of husband which force them to start vending.
But ,not every woman can be a successful entrepreneur.Beside courage one must know the risk in it.A woman must have good networking including interactions with well connected people and communication with customers which makes customers to visit again. In addition to that, one needs to conduct market research on the industry to be able to identify trends and competition and also customers to know their demographics and profiles.
Talking to APP,a women entrepreneur,Nosheen Ali said that indeed it was a very tough job that needed lots of exeperties,competition among vendors for access to customers should be strong . A woman must be able to negotitate with wholesalers and customers.She added. “You must know how to negotiate for lower prices with vendors, higher prices with customers, and for better investments with investors,” she said.
Talking to APP, another vendor Afsheen Safdar said that women who were without any skill or knowledge are left with no other option than adopting the vending .”I must say that now we are able to solve our finances through this financial resource.”
“Have confidence in your ability and courage; No one will invest in you if you don’t believe in yourself,”she added.

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