Current Affairs Trump terms Imran 'very popular leader'

Trump terms Imran ‘very popular leader’

Trump terms Imran ‘very popular leader’

US President Donald Trump highly praised Prime Minister Imran Khan as a “very popular” leader of Pakistan when he welcomed him at the White House on Monday.

“It is my great honour to have the very popular, and by the way, a great athlete — one of the greatest — but very popular prime minister of Pakistan,” Trump said in the Oval Office before a large number of media men.

“We have many things to discuss,” he said, and went on to indicate that the United States would help Pakistan economically.

“We have got the best economy we have ever had and I think we can shift some of that over to Pakistan,” he told the prime minister.

“We should be doing tremendous business together,” the US leader added.

Trump said they would also discuss “military and terrorism and trade” issues.

“I think we are going to spend a lot of time talking about trade because we do very little trade with Pakistan compared to what we could be doing and should be doing when our country is really get along perfectly and I think we are having that start. We are going to have that start.

“But this tremendous upside with respect to trade one of the things we are going to be discussing to is hostages, perhaps the polio vaccine because Pakistan is one of the countries and we will talk about that as to you know what you’re feeling is on that.

“We have a situation in Pakistan where we want to talk about the polio or the possible polio vaccine and I think we can have great meetings,” he said. “We are going to be spending a long time together.”



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