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Social Media humour serves as ‘Abreaction Therapy’ for disappointed cricket fans

Social Media humour serves as ‘Abreaction Therapy’ for disappointed cricket fans

Syed Hasnain Raza Gardezi

ISLAMABAD, Jun 2 (APP):Pakistan cricket fans, traumatized after their team’s humiliating defeat against West Indies, were relieved by social media’s ridiculously creative and humorous video clips and images shared among thousands across the globe, making mockery of Sarfraz eleven.
The most interesting and chronologically compared jest reads, “Pakistan lost to West Indies in their first match and won the World Cup in 1992. In 2007 they again lost their first fixture against the same team but Coach Bob Woolmer dies. In 2019, history repeats itself and the team once again loses, it’s either Mickey Arthur’s turn or team will bring home trophy again”.
The ICC’s funny offer for Pakistan team in local language, “5 Tola Lo Aur Ghar Jao” linked with Pakistan’s biggest and most popular game show ‘Jeeto Pakistan’, was sarcastically derived to scorn cricket team to accept bare-minimum and leave the show.
A statement attributed to the captain of the team Sarfraz Ahmed ironically justifies his entire team’s early departure, saying, “Actually we were in a hurry as it was the last Friday of the holy month of Ramazan and we have to catch prayer”
Another joke associated with a hardliner cleric Khadim Hussain Rizvi, known for his outrageous assertions, denotes, “After seeing today’s match I wish Khadim Hussain must have been one of the commentators there. ”
Some dubbed and mixed video clips, of a cleric’s speech against the game of cricket and comedy dramas’ dialogue, artistically connected with the players statements, also helped relive fans’ despondency.
Chief Selector Inzamam-ul-Haq was also not spared and lampooned in his typical style by farcically defending team’s failure asserts, “Ramzan mein jonsa aik run hota hai woh assal mein 70 runs k barabar hota hai “, means, one run equalizes seventy in the holy month of Ramzan and ICC was duly informed about it.
A number of videos captured live from the venue were also shared in which Hafeez, Fakhar Zaman and a few other players, who demonstrated poor show, fielding at the boundary were being mocked by the annoyed spectators.
Some live and genuine clips from the venue where spectators are passing taunting remarks on players like, “Fittay Moo Twada”, (Shame On You) were however against the spirits of the game, which may further demoralize the team.
A practicing psychiatric, doctor Azhar Kazmi, encouraging the humorous aspect of social media said it was a very positive component to neutralize aggressive and frustrative behaviours.He said some underlying illness for delicate people could be lethal in a shock of defeat and breaking of TV sets in this regard are reported examples.
“Hormonal activity among those evokes hunger and stress causes them to eat more. That is why you may witness a significant rush at eating houses after a team’s defeat” Azhar further remarked.
Zainab Ghazanfa, a Mental Health Special, elaborating the impact of social sharing said,”Negative emotions like anger and feelings of outrage can ignite social sharing thus it makes us not only linked to each other but also gives us a feeling of self fulfillment and satisfaction.”
Dopamine, which is a monoamine neurotransmitter, plays a key role in the functioning of the Limbic System and increases our general level of arousal and our goal-directed behaviour. It inspires us to take actions to meet our needs and desires. Therefore, it’s easy to get into a dopamine induced loop. ‘Instant gratification’ is the immediate attainability of satisfaction and happiness. “This all drive us to share our emotions through social media and attain peace of mind rapidly” she concluded.
Another psychiatric said social media humour serves as Abreaction Therapy, a healthy catharsis to bring back normalcy and balance in the emotions of disappointed and dejected individuals.
The team is scheduled to play 8 more matches and minimum four wins are required to be considered for Semi Final. However, no matter what the results may come, Pakistan cricket lovers have find a way to digest a defeat or celebrate a victory.

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