Articles SC declares ET decision against Baloch null and void

SC declares ET decision against Baloch null and void

SC declares ET decision against Baloch null and void

ISLAMABAD, Oct 28 (APP): The Supreme Court on
Wednesday declared Election Tribunal (ET) decision null and void
against the disqualification of Saddique Baloch, a leader of
Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) while directing Election
Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to conduct fresh election in
NA-154 Lodhran.
A three-judge bench headed by Justice Mian Saqib Nisaar
passed the judgment in an appeal filed by Saddique Baloch
against the decision of Election Tribunal (ET), which disqualified
him under Article 62 and 63 of the Constitution.
Earlier Justice Mian Saqib Nisaar remarked that there is a
need that people with clean hands and good reputation should come
forward in the political democratic system and not those who were
tagged as “cheaters”.
He said that cheating would be a stigma for Baloch which could
move to next generations, but if he had not cheated then the tag
of cheating should be removed from him and should go in people’s
court and contest election.
The bench was of the view that the question arises that
if the examination form was misplaced, then who would be held
responsible for that act of omission, whether a candidate or
someone else.
During the course of proceedings, Makhdoom Ali Khan, counsel for Jehangir Tareen, a PTI leader argued the case but failed to establish
it as he could not provide direct and concrete evidence
against Baloch’s academic qualifications.
Makhdoom alleged that he had some substantial
evidences which indirectly proved that he was an illiterate person
but did not have any direct evidence against him.
Later the bench while qualifying Saddique Baloch
for elections, allowed his appeal and disposed of the case.
Meanwhile, talking to the media outside the Supreme Court
Building, Saddique thanked Allah Almighty to rub out the
stigma of cheating on him and said “If my party allows me
I will contest election from Lodhran.”

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