Pakistan’s motorways to be equipped with facilities for elderly, disabled travelers

ISLAMABAD – The federal government of Pakistan has decided to ensure smooth traveling of elderly citizens and persons with physical impairment at highways and motorways across the country.
In this regard, the concerned authorities have been ordered to make special arrangements for these people.
The Ministry of Communication on the directives Prime Minister Imran Khan has  an emergency notification to Inspector General Motorway Police and officials of National Highway Authority (NHA) to make special efforts to facilitate disabled and elderly travelers.
All the rest areas along the country’s highways and motorways will be bound to make effective arrangements including building washrooms and ramps to make traveling easier for disabled and elderly persons.
Availability of wheelchairs for those in need while traveling would also be ensured by the Communication Ministry with the cooperation of Bait-ul-Maal.
The Ministry of Communications has also issued special instruction for the transport companies to follow the said orders including retaining a special quota in seats for elderly and people with physical impairment.
The directives have also been issued to the concerned ministries as well while the process of implementation on the orders has been started on all highways and motorways across the country.