Tourism Pakistan's coasts to get 5 tourist resorts

Pakistan’s coasts to get 5 tourist resorts

Pakistan’s coasts to get 5 tourist resorts

ISLAMABAD – With a beautiful coastline along the Arabian Sea, Pakistan’s is the land enriched with natural marvels including beaches, lagoons, cliffs and headlands.
And the coastline of Balochistan is no exception.
The Balochistan government now plans to build five tourist resorts in its coastal areas to cater the need of local and foreign tourists visiting the area to witness the wonders of nature.
The government has allocated Rs 150 million to revise the master plan of provincial coastal areas and set up tourist resorts in Kund Malir, Gadani, Aurmara, Jioni and Kalmat, the official sources told APP.
In a bid to unlock the potential of tourism and fisheries sectors of Balochistan, the government has decided to develop its coastal areas to facilitate tourists and local fisheries, the sources said.
The Fishermen Cooperative Society is also among the list of initiatives, which will be established to ensure the welfare of fishermen.
The fisherman will also be given shelter under the Prime Minister’s Naya Pakistan housing scheme.
The governent is striving to provide basic facilities to the people of Balochistan. A holistic strategy is being prepared to provide them education, health, sound infrastructure support system and clean drinking water.
The plan of purchasing sea ambulances and installation of monitoring system in boats is also under consideration for the better tracking of fishermen at the sea. The total estimated cost of project was Rs 426 million.
The Balochistan government has allocated Rs 1.467 billion for the development and revamping of the fisheries department to generate more revenue.
The provincial government has also released a grant of Rs 739 million for the annual expenditures of the department.

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