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Kashmirs’ Accession to Pakistan Day: The Day of Kashmiris’ Oath

Kashmirs’ Accession to Pakistan Day: The Day of Kashmiris’ Oath


MIRPUR (AJK), July 18 (APP)::The chivalrous people of the Jammu and Kashmir State, dwelling either side of the Line of
Control and rest of the world, are all set to rejoice the 71st Kashmirs’ Accession-to-Pakistan Day—
on July 19 with a fabulous resolve to affix their final destiny with Pakistan at all costs to transform the glorious visualization of the Quaid-e-Azam vis-à-vis the elegant state, flanked by the steadfast peaks of Himalaya — into a perfect truth.
Spectacular rallies, inspiring seminars, pragmatic symposia and the hoisting of the prideful
Pakistani flag atop each and every edifice is to be the hallmark of the day’s events all over Azad Jammu Kashmir, Pakistan and even beyond oceanic—wherever people with Kashmiri-origin are dwelling.
This is indeed — a matchless characteristic of Kashmiris, who observe the occasion every year
to reiterate their earnest belief about their outlook, austerely in line with the historic resolution which
was adopted at a momentous session of their popular political party, the All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference that took place on this day in Aabiguzar, a vicinity adjacent to famed Dal Lake in the
dazzling city of Srinagar, 70-year ago.
On July 19, 1947 a meeting of the All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference was held at the residence of the illustrious Kashmiri leader, late Sardar Mohammed Ibrahim Khan, (later the founder President of AJK) which was chaired by the veteran leader, Ch. Hamidullah Khan because the apex leader, Quaid-e-Millat Ch. Ghulam Abbas was put behind the bars by the nasty ruler Hari Singh for
voicing the bona fide will of the people against the Dogra regime. The fêted resolution of the State’s accession to Pakistan was presented in the presence of 59 bold and vibrant leaders.
As was envisioned—the resolution was instantaneously adopted with one-voice amid boom of slogans — Allah-o-Akbar (Allah is Great) and Pakistan Zindabad (Long Live Pakistan) by the partakers
as well as a copious number of Kashmiris, camouflaging the venue of the moot. This was amid a definite ray of hope to have a peaceful and bright future with the end of the century-old despotic Dogra clout, which had clandestinely surfaced with the inking of the notorious Treaty of Armitsar between the British-rule and their sycophant Gulab Singh, on August 6, 1846, opening a Pandora’s Box for the guiltless people, most explicitly for the Muslims of the State.
The resolution expressed Kashmiris out-and-out and absolute confidence in the dynamic leadership of the Father of the Nation, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah [RA] with the words; ‘We salute him (The great Quaid) and congratulate him from the core of our hearts with mammoth delight and soul satisfaction on the auspicious occasion of the establishment of Pakistan .
The state of Jammu and Kashmir, the resolution had recalled has been linked with Pakistan by the Nature—through all perceptions, religiously, geographically, territorially, commercially plus via the unshakable bonds of civilization and culture with a singular fact the heartbeat of each of every Kashmiri synchronizes alone with their brethren in Pakistan .
Airing a stern warning to the Hindu Dogra ruler, the valiant people of the state, with more than 85 per cent Muslim populace asked Singh to declare the State’s accession with Pakistan without any vacillation before August 14, 1947 or get ready to face a cataclysmic fate—if this popular voice of the people is mistreated.
Yet, eventually, the monotonous, cunning and dim-witted ‘Maharaja’ [the Ruler] had to meet a dreadful end for eschewing the popular will of the bona fide citizens of the State—as India, through a gruesome operation resorted to an illicit invasion of the J & K State.
To thwart this illegitimate and inane Indian act—the heroic people of the State— stood up like an unyielding rock against the atrocious Dogra regime. This culminated into the establishment of Azad Jammu Kashmir as a base camp for the liberation of the rest of the State’s territory from the unjust
Indian yoke.
This, by all perceptions is to be the pragmatic essence of the theme of the pledge, going to be made by the heroic Kashmiris at the galaxies which have been arranged, even this year [alike the past] to mark the momentous occasion of the Accession of the Jammu and Kashmir State with Pakistan in every cranny and corner of Azad Jammu Kashmir, Pakistan, the India occupied Jammu Kashmir and elsewhere.
The day recollects the fabulous and realistic vow by the people of Jammu and Kashmir asking India to bow before their acknowledged aspires for exercising their birth right of self-determination to save the South Asia region from a catastrophic peril.
The Kashmiris would urge India to quit the part of the Himalayan State of Jammu & Kashmir—which New Delhi is keeping in bondage at hefty gun-point with the deployment of almost a million military might instantaneously—if at all it is serious to avert the potential catastrophic risks in the region — at-once.
As in the past, the Kashmiris would call upon the comity of nations to fulfill its outright word of honour by ensuring the immediate implementation of the United Nations resolutions—which were adopted more the a dozen time with a clear-cut commitment of plebiscite in the Jammu and Kashmir State under the aegis of the world body, enabling Kashmiris to exercise their birth right of self-determination to establish their destiny for all times to come.
As is indexed in the folio of the history, India is fully aware of the fact that not a single Kashmiri shall vote for New Delhi and that-is-why the perfidious Indians, steering the affairs—are evading the UN resolutions with sham excuses — one-way or the other.
Otherwise, if a skirmish would have erupted between the two nuclear-armed neighbors at the behest of India , it would have overcast the global peace—in totality – as what the political and defense analysts observe. The best course for India—thus remains is the acceptance of the global voice and to bend before the ground reality that the solution of the Kashmir dispute is as essential for the survival of the worldwide peace as the breathing of a life-line. Obviously, the illustrious speakers at seminars and symposia would, once again make it as clear as crystal.
This unanimous voice of the Jammu & Kashmir people, which is inscribed on a vivid banner with the glorious words; ‘Kashmir Banay Gaa Pakistan’ [Kashmir would be a part of Pakistan] is being carried forward with optimal resolve by the Kashmiris—having abode everywhere.
Alike all past years Kashmiris this year, too, will celebrate this historic day of significant importance in the history of Jammu & Kashmir state with a renewal of the pledge to continue the struggle, with full vigour coupled a fresh resolve for the achievement of their legitimate right to self determination and to translate the idea of accession of entire Jammu Kashmir state to Pakistan under the spirit of the historic resolution passed this day in 1947.
It is pertinent to note that the people of Jammu Kashmir launched struggle for freedom
under the spirit of the said resolution for the liberation of their motherland from the clutches of tyrannical dogra rule and later from the illegal and forcible occupation of Indian imperialism.
This freedom struggle of Kashmiris is continuing unabated since over last six decades. However since over last 30 years, the liberation movement has attained momentum after the people of Indian
held Jammu Kashmir stood up launching their indigenous struggle against the long Indian subjugation.
In Azad Jammu Kashmir, it will be a state holiday to facilitate the people to participate in the special events of the day from allover. The day will dawn with special prayers in the mosques for the liberation of all occupied Muslim lands including Indian-held Jammu Kashmir and Palestine , success of the Kashmir freedom struggle and for the rest of the departed Kashmiris who laid down their lives for the cause of liberation of the motherland from the Indian tyrannical rule.
This year, the Kashmirs’ Accession to Pakistan Day is flanked by a sign of a new hope, that if India agrees to the ground realities without any reservations and learns a lesson from the historical facts that she (New Delhi) can not rule people of Jammu & Kashmir by force, may help bring a lasting peace and prosperity in the region through peaceful settlement of Kashmir issue through early resumption of meaningful dialogue between the nuclear-armed arch rival neighbors India and Pakistan and primarily under the spirit of the historic UN resolutions on Kashmir.
The scheduled special seminars and symposiums will be followed by Accession to Pakistan Day rallies to be participated by the representative leaders of people of all walks of life from various parts
of the city to reiterate complete solidarity with the people of Pakistan with a renewed pledge to
translate the idea of accession to entire Jammu Kashmir state to Pakistan into reality in the light of the historic resolution.
Various parts of AJK have been decorated with the banners bearing slogans of the Kashmiris deep-rooted love and affection with Pakistan, continuation of struggle for liberation of occupied Kashmir to bring the idea of Kashmir’s accession to Pakistan to destiny and for achieving the Kashmiris birth
right of self determination.
Widespread demonstrations followed by rallies and special sittings are scheduled to be
staged in all small and major towns in Azad Jammu Kashmir, various parts of Pakistan and elsewhere
to observe the day under the auspices of various social and political organization especially All Jammu Kashmir Muslim Conference – the author of the historic Kashmirs’ accession to Pakistan resolution.
Symposia and meetings will be the hallmark of this historic day wherein speakers representing all spheres of life will highlight the importance of the day besides paying glorious tributes to the valiant Kashmiri martyrs for scarifying their precious lives for the cause of liberation of the motherland from
the clutches of the Indian yoke to reach to the ultimate destination of entire Jammu Kashmirs’
accession to Pakistan.
Pakistan’s just and principled stand on Kashmir is well-known, well established, well-acknowledged and upright that the Kashmir issue needs to be settled through a simple parameter which reflect the aspirations of the major party to the dispute – the Jammu and Kashmiri people.
Each and every civilized nation, which believes in realities backs this view-point and has never been hoodwinked by the Indian tactics and postures on this issue. That is why the historic resolution of Kashmirs’ accession to Pakistan passed on July 19, 1947 all over the State of Jammu and Kashmir will be marked with renewal of pledge to continue struggle for translating the already-determined idea of accession of Kashmir to Pakistan into a reality coupled with special prayers for paving the way not only for the end of long tyrannical rule in India occupied Jammu Kashmir but also for avenues of peace in this part of the world.
The solution of Kashmir problem in accordance with the already-agreed global norms and commitments under UN resolutions reflecting the Kashmiris determined desire, what the political analysts at both sides of the LoC believed, are the only way for solution of the much-delayed Kashmir issue, reaching to durable and permanent solution of Kashmir conflict besides all other outstanding differences as well as for onward moving to the mutual cooperation between the two countries in other fields.
Political observers in the Jammu & Kashmir state add that the Modi-led New Delhi’s government must accept the ground realities about the early peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue and the just and principled stance and views of Pakistan which provided a strong headway to reach to the permanent
and durable settlement of Kashmir conflict and who are constantly seeking the resumption of composite dialogue with India to resolve all outstanding disputes especially the core issue of Kashmir for the sake of emergence of ever-lasting peace in South Asia – which is also the persistent earnest desire of the international community – which considers peaceful settlement of Kashmir issue only key to the emergence of everlasting peace in South Asia.

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