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Kalash tourism trips to start from May 11 for Chillam Joshi Festival

Kalash tourism trips to start from May 11 for Chillam Joshi Festival

ISLAMABAD, (APP):Various private tourism companies will start five-day visits of tourists to Kalash here from May 11 to get the glimpses of traditional festivity and colorful events of the popular Chilam Joshi Festival starting from May 14.

The people of Kalash attired in their vibrant embroidered dresses will perform traditional dances and rituals to showcase their rich cultural heritage in Chilam Joshi which is a Kalash spring festival held in three Kalash valleys, Bumburet, Birir, and Rumbur where Kalash girls and boys dance to the tune of traditional drum beats.

Celebrations of Chilam Joshi highlight their cultural richness focusing on the message of promoting peace in the region. Among the famous Kalashi festivals throughout the world, Chilam Joshi is the most important festival celebrated in May for four days. They celebrate the arrival of the spring season with new hopes and aspiration.

Various private tourism companies will start their trips from Islamabad on May 11 with the aim to promote domestic tourism and adventure sports activities in youth of Pakistan and attract foreign tourists as well.

These trips were planned to explore tourism for cultural diversity in Pakistan and provide healthy activities and opportunities to travel explorers for not only attending unique cultural festival in the Northern Areas of Pakistan but also get a taste of glimpses of nature, said an official of a private tourism company.

“We provide proper trained guides and all basic facilities to the local and foreign tourists for making their trips memorable and create more tourism opportunities for fun lovers,” he said.

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