Current Affairs Green passport to gain glory; PM assures nation

Green passport to gain glory; PM assures nation

Green passport to gain glory; PM assures nation

Prime Minister Imran Khan has assured the nation that his government would make the country great in line with the dreams and ideas of its founders Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

In his short address to an enthusiastic gathering of party leaders and people soon after his arrival from the US early July 25, the prime minister vowed to bring the looters and plunderers of the national wealth to justice.

“Unless these dacoits and plunderers who had brought the country to bankruptcy and burdened it with debts are sent to jails, the country can’t progress,” he added.

The party workers in huge numbers were carrying party flags and portraits of the prime minister, and kept on cheering after intervals.

He said the nations rise when they had self esteem and did not come with hands stretched for begging.

In the US, he said, he had told the West to help them in returning the wealth laundered by these corrupt people.

The prime minister expressed the resolve to rebuild the institutions damaged by the former rulers through their corrupt practices.

In one year, the government was struggling with the major challenges of fragile economy left behind by the former corrupt junta, he added.

The prime minister said, “I promise not to disappoint you.”

.:The prime minister said neither he had bowed before anyone, nor would let his nation to bow at the cost of self respect.

He also mentioned his resolve to follow the principles of Madina state.

Thanking the people for their warm welcome, the prime minister said the government would rebuild institutions like FBR, collect revenues from our own resources and enable people to educate their children, besides providing them healthcare and jobs.

The country would rise and the green passport would be respected everywhere in the world, he concluded.


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