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Elections-Pindi ;75 contesting on 7 NA seats in 15th general elections from Rawalpindi

Elections-Pindi ;75 contesting on 7 NA seats in 15th general elections from Rawalpindi

BY Ejaz Shah and Tahir Gondal

RAWALPINDI, Jul 08 (APP): According to the data finally compiled by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), there are total 75 candidates in the run on 7 National Assembly seats of Rawalpindi.
The nation is all poised to democratically elect the leadership at national and provincial levels in the 15th electoral process terminating as polling to be held on July 25.
Rawalpindi had been playing vitally important role in the national politics as two former prime ministers were elected from the district’s constituencies inclusive of Shahid Khaqan Abassi of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) and Raja Pervez Ashraf of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP).
This soil had also been significantly contributing in the former federal cabinets, who include, Ch. Nisar Ali Khan, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, and Ghulam Sarwar Khan. Hanif Abassi and Qamar ul Islam Raja, both from PML-N had been in the lime light in the recent days.
According to the 2017 census 540,563,3 population ,the district has of which 312,566,9 are registered voters including 1,64,75,07 male and 1,47,81,62 female.
The Constituency wise detail of candidates reveals:
This constituency covers the areas like, Kotli Sattian Tehsil, Murree Tehsil, Kahuta Tehsil, Kallar Syedan Tehsil excluding Choah Khalsa Qanungo halq, and Sagri Qanungo Halka of Rawalpindi Tehsil.
There are total 8 candidates including three independents and the main battle would be witnessed between former PM Shahid Khaqan Abassi and PTI candidate Sadaqat Ali Abbassi. The only female contestant in the run is Mehreen Anwar Raja from PPP.
Each candidate from Pakistan Sunni Tehrik and Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan (TLP) are also contesting.
Shahid Khaqan Abbasi PML-N had won the last elections held in 2013 with getting 134,439 votes and his rival Sadaqat Ali Abbasi of PTI had lost by securing 47,210 votes.
NA-58 (Rawalpindi-II)
The constituency spread over the areas included Gujjar Khan Tehsil, Choha Khalsa Qanungo Halqa of Kallar Syedan Tehsil of Rawalpindi District.
From this constituency total 10 candidates have been contesting including four Independents.
Main contesters in the constituency are former premier Raja Pervaiz Ashraf PPP, Raja Javed Ikhlas PML-N and Ch Muhammad Azeem PTI.
Mutahida Majlis e Aml (MMA), TLP and Tehreek Labaik Islam (TLI) have also issued tickets to their respective candidates.
In 2013, Raja Muhammad Javed Ikhlaz PMLN had won by securing 121,296 votes while Raja Pervez Ashraf PPP had lost by getting 67,241 votes.
This newly created constituency in 2002 elections includes areas like, Adhwal, Banda, Bassali, Chakri, Gorakhpur, Sehal of Qanungoi Halkas of Rawalpindi Tehsil besides Patwar Circles of Chaklala Qanungoi Halqa including Jarahi, Morgah, Topi, Lakhan-I, Lakhan-II, Kotha Kalan, Dhamial and Dhaman Syedan.
From this constituency 10 candidates, including four Independent candidates are contesting and the political analysts believe that the main contestants would be Ch. Nisar Ali Khan (Independent), Ghulam Sarwar Khan PTI, Ch. Muhammad Kamran Ali Khan PPP and Raja Qamar ul Islam PML-N.
This constituency gained popularity when PML-N stalwart Ch Nisar announced to contest as an independent candidate on the symbol of JEEP while PML-N ticket holder Qamar u Islam Raja was arrested by National Accountability Bureau on charges of corruption worth multi-million rupees. Ghulam Sarwar Khan PTI who is considered to be the arch rival of Ch. Nisar may give tough time to Nisar. The political parties like, PTI (Nazaryati), TLP and MMA have put their candidates in the run.
In 2013, Ch. Nisar Ali Khan had won by securing 133,143 votes While Lt Col Ajmal Sabir Raja had lost by bagging 69769 votes.
NA-60 (Rawalpindi-IV)
The constituency comprises the areas like Chaklala Cantonment except Census Charges No. 4, 5 and 6. Charges No 19, 21, 25, 26, 27 and 28 of Census of Municipal Corporation and Potohar circles of Chaklala-I and Chaklala-II are also part of it.
From this electoral area, total 8 candidates inclusive of three Independent candidates are aspiring to become member of the lower house of the Parliament.
The political analysts are viewing main contest between Sheikh Rashid Ahmed of Awami Muslim League (AML), enjoying support of PTI, and Muhammad Hanif Abassi PML-N.
In the last general elections PTI chief Imran Khan had returned successful with 80577 votes against his rival Muhammad Hanif Abassi PML-N who had bagged 67221 votes,
This constituency mostly covers Rawalpindi Cantonment Board area and some parts of Chaklala Cantonment Board.
As compared to the rest of six constituencies of the District, this constituency has 19 candidates, the highest number of aspiring contestants including 7 independents.
The main battle is expected to be seen among Malik Ibrar PML-N and Amir Mahmood Kyani PTI. Other prominent contestants include, Haji Gulzar Awan PPP and Mian Zafar Yaseen MMA.
In 2013 elections, Malik Ibrar Ahmad PML-N had won by bagging 76336 votes while Hina Munzoor PTI had secured 68687 votes.
This constituency covers the areas Municipal limits of the garrison city from where total 12 contestants are in the run including four independents.
A fight would be seen between Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, backed by PTI and Danyal Ch. PML-N. The only woman candidate Sumaira Gul PPP is also in the list. MMA, TLP, Pakistan Welfare Party (PWP), and Pakistan Awami League have issued tickets to their respective candidates to be part of the electoral process.
During the last general elections, Sh. Rashid Ahmed was the returned candidate with 88627 votes. He had defeated Malik Shakeel Ahmed Awan PML-N who got 75306 votes.
The constituency consisting of the areas Taxila Tehsil, and Adyala Qanungo Halqa of Rawalpindi Tehsil carry total 8 contestants including three independents.
The contest is mainly considered to be held among Ch. Nisar Ali Khan (Independent), Ghulam Sarwar Khan PTI, and Sardar Mumtaz Khan PML-N. PPP, MMA, and TLP have also awarded tickets to their respective contestants.

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