Captains blamed for driving ride-hailing services to an early grave


By Hasnain Raza Gardezi

ISLAMABAD, (APP):The much hailed and welcomed ride-sharing services at their inception are now swiftly falling flat due to the captains’ deceitful tactics in a bid to mint some extra bucks from customers.
The two well-known ride-hailing services Careem and Uber seem to be losing their grounds in just a couple of years being on the road as public notion is strengthening against them with each passing day. “They are just selling illusion” is a common phrase being used by their customers.
“It’s not a one click away service now even in the centre of the federal capital. You book a ride and your wait ends in a frustration of cancellation to look for another option because one cannot endure 20 minutes wait for a 10 minutes’ destination,” once a satisfied customer and now a critic, Ijaz Anwar, who daily commutes from Lalalzar Rawalpindi to Islamabad, expressing his disapproval said.