Articles Autumn: A golden season of Gilgit Baltistan,autumn hues catapulted...

Autumn: A golden season of Gilgit Baltistan,autumn hues catapulted GB to global fame

Autumn: A golden season of Gilgit Baltistan,autumn hues catapulted GB to global fame

By Sultan Shoaib

GILGIT, Nov 21 (APP):An APP Feature Every season brings a different shade of colour to the natural landscapes of Gilgit Baltistan (GB) but it is more fascinating to visit the area in autumn season, starting from mid September till end of November.

Autumn is, but a golden season in the area as it turns almost everything golden with all hues yellow, gold and orange. 

The misty mornings, pleasant nights, red-carpeted gardens and rustle of fallen leaves transform the whole area into an enchanted place.Although the entire area of Gilgit Baltistan is known for its beautiful landscapes but districts Hunza, Nagar, Gilgit, Ghizar and areas of Baltisatn Division are best holiday destinations, especially during the colorful autumn season of the area.

In GB, all seasons are very apparent: The spring season is lush green, the summer is hot, the winter is cold, but in autumn, the entire GB presents altogether a different and unique golden shade of color.Zareena Begum, hailing from upper Hunza, is running a shop decorated with dry and fresh fruits, pure honey and cultural caps.

A few years back, soon after the end of summer, she used to close down her business due to short tourism season. But now, she is happy due to boost in tourism during the autumn and winter season too as her business is prospering with the flourishing tourism industry in the area.

Talking to APP, Wajid Ali, a tour operator, said that due to conducive tourism environment, people related to the industry are very happy these days. He said, “Other than summer, tourists from across the globe should visit Gilgit Baltistan during autumn too.”

Abdul Rehman Bukhari, a working Journalist hailing from GB, who is promoting winter and autumn tourism in the area, has lauded the efforts of the incumbent government for promoting tourism industry in the area. He said that the relaxation in visa and NOC policy for foreign tourists is a good step for the promotion of tourism and hotel industry in the area.

However, further steps are needed to be taken in the far flung areas for promotion of winter and autumn tourism, he added.Munawar Hussain Nagri from district Nagar said that the influx of tourists to Gilgit Baltistan, especially in autumn has sent a global message to the world community that GB is a safe haven for tourists.

He, however, said that its beauty remains largely unexplored and its hospitality has no match.Munawar Hussain said that tourists from Pakistan and abroad come to districts Nagar and Hunza to enjoy the scenic views of autumn.

“It is a great time to break out the jackets, coats, boots, scarves and hats in preparation for the change in season”, he added.  Abdullah, a tourist hailing from Karachi said that the season is absolutely perfect for taking beautiful scenic photos and spending time outdoors. 

He said that nothing can relax and rejuvenate more than enjoying nature and the surrounding sceneries.

The tourism said, “GB is peaceful area and the people are very hospitable, I recommend that those who want to go for outing or long trip, for them, the GB is very suitable destination, especially during the autumn season. He said that it is also a great time to go for camping, fishing, and long drive for spending quality time with family.

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