All-in-one motorcycle taxis may shift paradigm in future


By Naveel Ahmed

ISLAMABAD, (APP): Though its beginning and time may take its course but online motorcycle taxi-service is all set to shift the paradigm in country’s big and populous cities in near future for its add-on multi-facilities.

The App-based services like BYKEA, Al-Byke and Wheels, introduced in six big cities, won public endorsement but certain values and concerns have not let these services flourish to their full potential yet.

“The women and senior citizens are not our potential clients because of our eastern values and safety concerns, thus limiting the facility to male youth only”, admitted an employee, Ahmed at BYKEA office Rawalpindi. But the service’s versatile approach has infused every perquisite to make it a complete success, he added.

The facility’s Assistant Manager Marketing and Operation Karachi Danish said, “BYKEA is basically all in one App for transportation, delivery and payment services.”

He said “You can order for a ticket, a meal from restaurant, deposit utility bill or ask anything from bazaar or send from home to any required destination.” “It’s all in one facility.”

He said specific measures to ensure health and safety of both partners and customers were also initiated. “The company also provides accidental insurance,” he added.

He pointed out that women empowerment was on card, both in organization and its associated facilities.

Associate Trainer at facility’s Pindi terminal said “We have over 3000 partners across the country. Affordable investment and self-employment are attractive modes, encouraging lower middle class’s unemployed youth to opt for becoming a partner (a term used for a bike rider) in App-based facility,” Rameez added.

“I am a partner here. Seven rides a day for nine hours engagement earn me Rs 1250, an amount sufficient for me to run my family’s affairs”, remarked a ‘satisfied’ partner Zeeshan.

Qasim, a client at PROVOXIO call centre said : “This facility is a fair-weather choice but in rain or thunderstorm you cannot take risk and are forced to opt for another option.”“Otherwise, it is the swift and affordable ride to travel in city’s congested areas of Raja Bazar and Urdu Bazar” he added.

The smart phone and its value added Apps have changed human lives in the entire world. It has also generated lot of business opportunities.

The App-based motorcycle taxi is all set to change the entire scenario of public service for its add-on facilities in near